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Hosting an intern provides:

  • A cost effective way to complete special projects or fill staffing needs
  • A low risk way of trying out a potential employee
  • An opportunity for you to support and enhance an international student’s education 

2017 Semester 2 Schedule

  • Internship opportunities listed : May
  • Interviews: Thursday-Friday 22 - 23 June
  • Internship takes place: August-October 2017

Expressions of interest or enquiries:

Global Workplace Practice

Could your organisation benefit from hiring an intern?  Support international Master of Commerce or Master of Professional Accounting students and leverage their skills for your organisation through UNSW’s Global Workplace Practice Internship. 

What is the Global Workplace Practice Course?

Global Workplace Practice is a for-credit graduate level course for selected international Master of Commerce or Master of Professional Accounting students. It is designed to prepare international students to enter the workplace by providing a deeper understanding of workplace contexts, cultures, recruitment practices and expectations of professionals across a range of industries. Learning takes place in class, on-line, and through a 70-100 hour workplace internship.  

Who are the students?

Students are pre-screened and admitted into the course based on their academic performance, and employability criteria assessed by UNSW Careers and Employment. Organisations will have the ability to interview and select candidates. Students will be from range of nationalities with the majority being from China, India and Vietnam. Students’ academic specialisations include:

Accounting | Taxation | Finance Business | Business Strategy/Analysis | International Business | Marketing | Risk Management | Banking | Organisation and Management | Human Resources Management | Economics | Enterprise Systems & Business Design

What is the structure?

Internships take place during Semester 2, 2017 (August- October) and are for 70-100 hours. Scheduling can be arranged directly with the student and internships can be unpaid as they are part of an accredited university course. Students require a direct supervisor and the internship will incorporate goal setting, development of a placement plan, assignments, and a mid-placement review and final review. 
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